Irish Walking Holiday Getaway Options To Consider


One of the most unique vacation getaways that you can go on in Ireland is to go on an Irish walking holiday. These are not limited to people that live in Ireland, but are very popular for those visiting the country from around the world. In some cases, you may want to consider backpacking, traveling to different cities, or perhaps going on designated tours. If you are looking for something that is even more unique, and Irish walking holiday getaway might be exactly what you need. The following information will show you how to find, and ultimately choose, the best Irish walking holiday packages for a getaway that you can do with your family.

What Is A Walking Holiday?

A walking holiday is simply a vacation that involves a substantial amount of walking. You can find many online providers such as who have a wide range of walking holidays to suit every level. Even though this may seem mundane at its face value, it is because of where you are walking that these are so outstanding. In the same way that people will go to national parks to see the extraordinary sites, walking holidays are designed to guide you into breathtaking locations, and there are many of these in Ireland. Therefore, you will want to find companies that will have packages that will send you to multiple locations where you can walk around and enjoy the scenery, landscapes, and the people in this country.

What Type Of Packages Do They Offer?

The packages that they offer are typically divided up between those that focus on specific destinations, and packages which will intermix different locales to make it even more exciting. Some of them are self-guided walking tours, whereas others will provide you with a guide that will take you to every location. There are a substantial number of places in Ireland that are fantastic, places that you will always remember, and it is best to do this with your family or someone that you love. The cost of the packages will differ based upon where you will be walking, the duration of the package, and the number of locations that you will be visiting. Finally, the packages are also designated based upon the type of package, the duration of the package, and the overall price that you will pay.

Top Destinations For Irish Walking Holiday Getaways

Initially, you might believe that these packages will include some of the largest cities throughout Ireland. This might include Dublin, Galway, Cork, and many others. However, these are simply metropolitan areas, cities that you can visit while you are staying at hotels. If you want to see the countryside, of which there is a substantial number of places that you can go to, the walking tours will take you to these destinations. For example, The Dingle Way is one of the most well-known places for walking tours in Ireland. You may also go on the Wild Atlantic Way. Would you prefer riding a bike as part of your walking tour? There are many locations where bike riding is permissible and likely recommended. On these walking tours, you could end up in more rural areas such as Lispole, Dingle Town, Ventry and Dunquin.

How To Find Companies That Offer These Tours

Locating companies that offer these tours is actually very easy. There are a number of well-known and highly respected companies that have websites showcasing the tours. They will provide you with information on each package that they have including the destinations within the tour, how far you will be walking, the elevation gain for each part of the trip, and how long it will take to complete each segment of the walking tour itself. When you find these companies, you will likely need to call them directly or send them an email. This will allow them to contact you with information. However, the websites will also provide most of the information that you will need including the itinerary for each package, as well as the total cost for each package to help you make your decision.

The Easiest Way To Choose The Best Tour For You

Choosing a walking tour is a little bit different than a travel package. That is because there are other variables involved. First and foremost, you are going to do a substantial amount of walking. Therefore, you will want to choose a package that will not be difficult for you to complete. For example, they may take you to different areas such as Valentia Island or the Blasket Islands, which means you will have to travel by boat to these locales. This will give you a break in your walking tour, which might be what you need, whereas others will want to walk 10 miles or more at a time because they are in good shape. Once you have looked at how difficult the tours are, their timeline, the itinerary, and the total cost, you can then make your decision.

Best Places To Visit In Ireland On Walking Tours

Some of the top destinations include tours that will take you into the foothills where you can not only walk but do some hiking. For example, there are some tours that will take you past Mount Eagle, and allow you to see unique places like Ventry Harbour, which might motivate you to consider one package over another. Other places include the townland of Ballydavid near Smerwick Harbour which is an iconic location. Once you have compared the packages with places that you would like to visit in Ireland, this can help you decide which one will be best for you.

Other Things To Consider When Looking At The Walking Holiday Packages

A few other things to consider will include what is included in the package, and what is not. Some people focus on these aspects of packages more than anything else. For example, most of the top tours will include your lodging, meals, train and bus fares, and may also provide you with all of the paraphernalia that will be necessary for the trip. This will include maps, hiking equipment, and a multitude of other items. The more comprehensive that it is, the more expensive it will be. However, if you want to ensure that you have the best time, and you want to not think at all about your walking holiday get away excursion, definitely choose one that has a guide if possible.

Choosing an Irish walking holiday getaway will be a very beneficial decision in your life. Whether you are from Ireland, or if you are coming in from a different country, you will be astounded with what you see. Keep in mind that these tours are best during the spring and summer months in the northern hemisphere, and that Ireland is quite high. Therefore, during this narrow window of time, you will want to book your walking tour to experience the spring, summer, or fall months where you will get to enjoy the hospitable weather. Once you have booked your getaway, you will know that you are making the right decision based upon the research you have done. At the very least, visit multiple websites today, compare prices on packages that are offered, and consider this excursion into the beautiful landscapes that Ireland has to offer.